It is done now. The longest commercial in history has finally aired, which was May 24th at 2 p.m. to May 25th at 3 a.m. A total of 13 hours, absolutely crushing the only one hour commercial before that. Arby’s bought this advertisement of cooking a brisket for the local area of Duluth, Minnesota (although there will be another commercial streamed on Wednesday, May 28th online). You can read all about this really, really, really, really long commercial over at this article on the Blaze.

I do not really get why anyone would want to watch meat being cooked for 13 hours. Sure, it convinces the audience that Arby’s cooks the meat for their sandwiches well, but I think that 13 hours is just too long for something like that. Some of the best cooking I have seen has been on Travel Channel shows, such as Man V. Food, where they shorten it, taking all the good parts and selling the meat to the audience (in Adam Richman’s case by being awesome and using motions to convey meaning and using an astonished tone in his voice). Some of that food looks really amazing, where as watching cooking meat for hours upon hours sounds really painful and boring. At least now I know how I can torture my enemies. Simply put them in a dark room with the 13 hour commercial running on endless loop, and I will give him an arby’s roast beef sandwiches for meals, of course.

I think it is good that Arby’s is trying to convey how good their product is to the public by showing how they cook their briskets. This is, however, a little bit too extreme to make the whole commercial 13 hours. I would hate to see some several hour commercials for how some automobile company built their cars for consumers. And to be honest, I would rather watch a 13 hour loop of bacon sizzling on a skillet than a brisket as Arby’s did, or any other hypothetical product. Congratulations on the new record Arby’s, but sorry I will not be watching the next stream of your fine product.

Jarvid the 4th


In remembrance of the 100th anniversary of the Chicago Cub’s Wrigley Field, a moral with pictures of the park in earlier years was built at the field. But… Some of these pictures were not actually correct. One of the pictures, which was supposedly of Charles Lindbergh at Wrigley in 1927, but was in fact at the Chicago White Sox’s field. Also, a picture of President Franklin D. Roosevelt was used, however, at the time the picture was taken he was not elected as president yet. The moral is planned to be corrected and fact checked again to make sure everything is just right. All the facts can be found on this article on ABC News.


This was a pretty big mistake by the Chicago Cubs by not double checking the images they used to create the moral. Actually, the Cubs are pretty well known for messing up a lot, especially in the sport of baseball. I do not get that into baseball, although I like to go watch some local minor league games, but since my grandpa and father came from the suburbs of Chicago, I have become a fan of the Chicago Cubs, like they are. The Cubs are pretty awesome. Sure, they do lose a lot of games and do not really seem to perform well enough to win any World Series (since 1908), but I did enjoy the one year watching them play in the World Series several years ago. I have gone to a couple games with my dad and grandpa recently, and we had a lot of fun watching them play ball. The atmosphere of Wrigley Field is really amazing, which is basically the only thing the Cubs have going for them. My dad and I were sad coming back from the last game we attended about half a year ago, when we heard on the radio that the Cubs were moving to a different stadium.

From my grandpa down to myself, we have always been used to the Cubs playing home games at Wrigley. Wrigley field is one of the oldest parks in the MLB and has the best atmosphere, my favorite feature being the manually changed score board (with no commercials between batters and innings). Thankfully, the Cubs are not moving from Wrigley Field, however, they are going to update the stadium, which is also very sad news. I think that the stadium was just fine and cool to visit and watch games in. In my opinion the 100th year anniversary mess up is not as much of a mistake as getting rid of the old Wrigley Field. I think it should stay.

Jarvid the 4th

It was very eventful this Sunday in Cambridgeshire, as two gliders collided in mid-air, sending one of them into a spiral down to the earth below. The pilot of this glider got out of his glider and opened his parachute to land safely on a roof of a farm building. The pilot of the other glider and the passenger landed at the airfield. All three people survived this catastrophic situation and are very lucky. You can read the full story on the Telegraph in this article.


These people are extremely lucky to survive after hitting each other in the open air with their gliders. Who knows what would have happened had the pilot not been able to get out of his glider while it was falling out of the sky, or had his parachute not opened. And who knows what would have happened to the two in the other glider, had their glider been damaged enough to not be able to continue gliding. I do have a fear of heights and have not yet done anything that others would think of being cool, such as flying in a plane or glider, mountain climbing, riding on most amusement park rides, and going to the top of the Sear’s Tower in Chicago. If something goes wrong, I do not want to be the one falling from high altitudes and breaking my legs or becoming seriously injured. Even though these incidents do not happen very often and most machines and buildings are built very well with modern engineering, I do not want to be that high above the ground when that rare failure happens. I do think it is cool to watch plane tricks and skydivers and base jumpers jump to the ground safely and athletes perform in events like the X Games, but I would never want to be participating in those events.

I think that it is cool that these three people do what they love to do in the skies, and even though they went through this accident, which could have been much worse, I hope that they continue their dreams of being in the sky. This does not happen everyday, but there are many plane and glider accidents, although I can imagine they are way out numbered by automobile accidents (since there are more drivers on ground than in the air). Flying is awesome if you have a joy for doing it, but as for me, I will be just fine on the ground.

Jarvid the 4th

Our weird news story for today comes from the country of Australia, where a rapid growth of an endangered plant called the darling pea is causing problems for livestock and their farmers. Sheep farmers in this country are suddenly losing a lot of their sheep because they ate the endangered darling pea, which makes them act drunk and go missing, sometimes dying. This is a sad epidemic for Australian sheep and farmers. You can read up on the whole story and find out all the details about this problem on the article by Zach Noble for the Blaze.


There really is not much I can say about sheep, but my cousins raise sheep, and I have seen them show sheep. So that is basically about how close I have actually been to a sheep. Okay, moving on… Darling pea blooms. I personally would never want to eat them, even if I was stranded in Australia with nothing to eat or drink. That is if I could even tell what a darling pea was, but eating unknown plants and herbs is not something I would want to do. I would accidentally eat some poison ivy or something dangerous if I tried that. Plus darling peas are endangered (at least at the moment), so I will just leave them alone.

Being drunk makes the sheep act very unnatural and sometimes lead to the sheep’s death. Similarly, drinking makes humans do crazy things, which sometimes leads to their death. This, on top of personal morals against drinking alcohol, has lead me to want to never drink the substance, or eat anything that has similar effects of alcohol. No parties that serve alcoholic beverages or eating darling peas for me. Alcohol takes way too many lives, both to humans and sheep, and needs to be controlled before it gets worse, but who are we supposed to go after? Take Australia for instance here, should the farmers and their livestock, the plant, or both be dealt with? It is a hard choice, and even harder when it comes to alcoholic beverages and human beings. Hopefully these Australian farmers find a solution to the problem and save their sheep from the snares that these plants put them in.

Jarvid the 4th

This next story is very unique and pretty special, which was recently posted on Mirror. Recently, Ibrahim Hamato, an Egyptian double amputee, competed against the best at table tennis, which is a big feat considering he cannot use hands to hold the ping pong paddle. He uses his mouth to use and maneuver the paddle and hold off against some of the greatest ping pong players (even the second best player at the moment). Make sure you read the article and watch the video of his elite skills. It is really awesome what this guy can do.

Tennis paddle and ball

Ping Pong is a really fun sport to play, and can be played by anyone if they set their mind to it, as Ibrahim Hamato did. I just recently got into the sport of Ping Pong and love to play against my father, though I have not found many other people to play against. It all started about three years ago when I went on vacation with my family and stayed at a vacation house. There was not much I wanted to do at the vacation house, but my father and I played Ping Pong regularly that week. I had a Ping Pong table at home before this vacation, however, it was not in very good shape and fell down a lot, especially if you were not careful. I thought Ping Pong was amazing after playing that week with my father, and my family even got a new table to play on later that year. I do not play that much, and I have not played in quite a while with all the stuff I have had to do as a senior, but I have tried to get better at playing this fun game (my forehand needs a lot of work). I am not embarrassed that someone with no hands can play better than me (and to be honest I mostly mess around while trying to improve), rather I think he is really cool at playing with the pros despite his restrictions.

I have tried to play Ping Pong with weird grips on the paddle, but never had I thought that it would work by holding it with your mouth (though I still will probably not try this technique). I think that Hamato is a true professional to the sport with his limitations, and I hope that he will go far, maybe even playing at the Olympics or other top level competitions and tournaments. I wish him luck in his quest to getting a spot in the next paralympic games, and hope he goes further and keeps his eye on the ball.

Jarvid the 4th

In an article on LiveScience this week, researchers are finally getting around to studying a condition called exploding head syndrome. This syndrome is a condition in which the person hears a loud noise from either one ear, both ears, or inside their head while going to sleep or waking up.Fortunately, exploding head syndrome is not as dangerous as it sounds,” says Marc Lallanilla, author of the article.



I think that the name of this condition is rather cool. It would be awesome if scientists and doctors changed the names of illnesses and diseases to make those that have them at least think about the good side of it. I mean, why would anyone want to tell their friends or teachers that they cannot hang out or come to school because of a cold? A cold is not an awesome name for a sickness, but what if it was changed to something like an extreme nasal and throat nuisance? Maybe adding in something about watching the television all day in the name as well. Having a fever? How about calling that lava? I mean, that is what a fever feels like, a very accurate description. Chickenpox? No. More like red polka-dotted body inflection (on a more humorous note). But, I guess sometimes we just have to live with the English words we have for illnesses and diseases.

This sounds like a rather annoying syndrome to deal with, but I suppose if you live with it for a while you could get used to all the noises going to sleep and waking up. It still is not a good thing for people who cannot sleep because of exploding head syndrome, because sleep is very important for being awake and alert everyday. Hopefully scientists and doctors can come up with a cure for this disease, or a way to lessen its affects. To those that have this disease, you have a cool name for your condition, but I hope that you can find a way to deal with it, through your own home remedies or medical assistance. And I think it would be awesome if more discovered diseases and sicknesses were given more colorful and striking names than the boring ones that exist now, although this may just be because we use the words so often that we do not think much of them. In any case, illnesses should have more words like extreme, exploding, petrified, decayed, etc.


Jarvid the 4th

This weird story today took place just last Thursday in the town of Chillicothe, Missouri. Bad weather conditions happen everywhere all the time, but in this case  a man was burning his land when high winds passed by and started spinning the fire around like a tornado. No one was injured from this event, and pictures of the cool looking fire tornado were uploaded by someone onto a social media website. You can check out the whole scoop yourself over at this article for UPI.


There are so many things to think about with this fiery tornado news story. Firstly, watch out for cows. And if you need them, get out your fire resistant rain umbrellas, because it is coming for you (maybe). I would be terrified if I saw a tornado of fire rolling towards me, but I will admit it would be really, really cool (after it leaves, that is). It is pretty weird, living in the mid-west and never seeing a tornado in my life. Over the past few years it has seemed that if there was severe weather that it either went north or south of town, which I found especially saddening with blizzards and snow storms. Tornadoes can be very dangerous, at least from what I have heard and seen from the aftermath, but there are some really cool movies out there about twisters. One that I am looking forward to comes out this summer, a sequel to the movie that took everyone’s attention, Sharknado 2.  After hearing about how Sharknado took social media by storm, my father and I decided to watch the first movie, around the 3rd airing on SyFy. Yes, it was one of those cheesy sci-fi thriller movies, which made it that much funnier. And honestly, my dad and I get a kick out of watching some of those movies, so I will probably drag him along to watch Sharknado 2 with me when it comes out in July.

In closing I think that even though this tornado was pretty cool, it is more dangerous than a normal tornado. Mixing two disasters will not make things better. Watch out, mother nature can be a little scary out there sometimes.

Jarvid the 4th